Callers must have bill payer’s permission before using our service. All calls are billed by your telephone provider.

Calls are charged from time of connection, including unanswered calls and those which experience an engaged tone. When you call from a mobile, remember to only press the call button after dialling the access number but not again after dialling the destination number.

Calls to premium rate numbers in other countries are not included unless otherwise stated.

The cost of calling 0845 and 0870 numbers is split into two parts. The price per minute charge and an access charge. The access charge is set by your network provider and can vary.

We provide the service but all calls are billed by your telecoms provider. If you wish to confirm the rate you will be charged, please contact your service provider before making the call. All calls are charged from the time of connection to the access number.

At no point are the providers of this service liable for any costs you may incur with your landline or mobile provider. Please do not use our service if you don’t have a clear understanding of how it works.